I am a yoga teacher, massage therapist, chef and writer that have a lifelong passion for health and movement. I am trained in Yoga, Ayurveda, nutrition and massage, with more than 3000 hours of studies in my fields. 

In addition, I facilitate DANCEMandala and DJ at Ecstatic Dance events - for the pure love of dancing.

I am passionate about sharing movement that should make the mover feel good about themselves, whether it is yoga or dance, and sharing food inspiration that makes people fall in love with healthy options. When a cabbage salad tastes better to you than a cake, my mission is fulfilled!

In the last few years I started focusing on developing yoga and nutrition programs for women in Menopause, and the next exciting step in my professional journey is to launch these new retreats and trainings. So stay tuned!


I was born in 1975 & grew up in a family where there was a strong interest in meditation, communication and natural food - and on the other hand, ill-being of both body and psyche/emotions. Both sides inspired me to take an early interest in the inner and outer wellbeing of myself and others.

Yoga became a great source of inspiration for me, first in the shape of meditation which I was introduced to at age 6, later as physical yoga since I met my first teacher at age 17. If you look at my CV, I bet you can tell that studying and learning is a lifestyle for me.

Alongside my great interest for health, my life has of course also included its share of challenge, injury, trauma, destructive habits and so on. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to discover how much my tools can support me through lifes changing phases, and how staying in balance is always a dynamic process.

Yoga and meditation has helped me overcome addiction and nerve damage. Muscle training and diet changes has helped me overcome long term physical pain, Going towards my 50's, I am now taking great interest in natural hormone support and more peaceful practice.

In my view, health is a dynamic and individual process, not a one-size-fits-all solution. I wish to meet students transparently and equally, with the attitude that ultimately, each of us have the key to move towards greater balance. I want to use the tools I have learned through life to inspire others to help themselves, and to make informed choices.

I have been running my own business since 2007, offering yoga teaching, massage/bodywork, herbal body treats and more. I started DJ:ing in 2016 and facilitate free dance events of different kinds.

I spend a lot of my work as the lead teacher of Axelsons Yoga Teacher training, a Yoga Alliance registered 200 hrs program. As the creative head of the training, I have designed the program and wrote the 200+ page manual - a piece of work that keep touching and changing peoples lives, which makes me feel both humbled and honored.

2012-19, I was also the editor in chief and writer at Axelsons  customer magazine FriskvårdsMagasinet. I wrote 300+ articles on body therapies & education, interviewed 150+ people and was responsible for the bi monthly newsletter.

Beside the Yoga Teacher Trainings I offer treatments, DJ gigs, private sessions and events, with Copenhagen as a base. In my daily life I enjoy a small house with garden where I work, practice, cook, dance, work more, relax & play with my friends, my partner and his lovely daughter. In the winters I often travel to warmer countries, to relax, study or teach.

Previous & Current PARTNERS, CUSTOMERS & WORKPLACES include:



2022 - Certified Outdoor & Home trainer
30 hrs, AtWork, Copenhagen

2022 - PT specialization: Senior wellbeing
30 hrs, AtWork, Copenhagen
- PT (Personal Trainer) education
300 hrs, AtWork, Copenhagen

2019 - Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Advanced Teacher Training,

300 hrs, Kranti Yoga, Goa, India

2018 - Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training
80 hrs, Uma Dinsmore Tuli / The Yoga Nidra Network, Portugal
2016 -Beyond Mindfulness Vipassana Meditation training group,
3 months, Stephan Pende Wormland, Copenhagen  

2015 - Anusara Yoga Immersion
100 hrs, Shantaya Yoga/Jonas Westring, Thailand  

2015 - Mindfulness Instructor training,
40 hrs, AtWork, Copenhagen 

2014 - Anusara Yoga Teacher Training
200 hrs, Shantaya Yoga/Jonas Westring, Thailand  

2014 - Face Yoga, Yogaliving, Copenhagen 

2011 - Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
200 hrs, Still Flowing Yoga/Gemma Malol, Ibiza 

2010 - Classic Hatha Yoga Intensive
80 hrs, Håå/Swami Janakananda, Sweden 

2010 - Pregnancy Yoga course
40 hrs, Lotta Ilona Bertilsson, Sweden 

2010 - Iyengar Yoga Intensive,
40 hrs, Himalaya Yoga Center/Sharat Arora, India 

2009 - Acro Yoga Intensive
30 hrs, Yogamudra/Jason Nemer, Gothenburg 

2009 - Yoga Philosophy course
30 hrs, Hamsa Yoga/Simon Krohn, Denmark 

2009 - Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
200 hrs, Jungle Yoga Ashram, Thailand 

2002 - Vedic science, Ayurveda & Meditation,
6 months full time, Rörvig Höjskole, Denmark 

2001 - AyurVeda & Meditation,
6 months full time, Rörvig Höjskole, Denmark 

2000 - Hatha Yoga Intensive,
150 hrs, YOGA Ashram, India 
2000 - Transcendental Meditation initiation for adults

1999 - Classic Hatha Yoga Intensive,
40 hrs YogaSchool ChiangMai, Thailand 

1982 - Transcendental Meditation initiation for children 


2010 - Natural Face Lift

Axelsons/Lisa Tallroth, Stockholm 

2009 - Ecologic Face Treatment
Axelsons/Lena Losciale, Stockholm 

2008 - Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Inner Organ Massage)
50 hrs Tao Gardens, Thailand 

2008 - Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Teacher Training
60 hrs Unity Bodywork Foundation 

2007 - Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
30 hrs Unity Bodywork Foundation

2007 - Training in SPA treatments Ni`mat SPA 

2007 - Thai Foot Reflexology
30 hrs, Thai Ministry of Education/Sebastian Bruno, Copenhagen 

2006 - Thai Massage Level I
40 hrs, Thai Ministry of Education /Sebastian Bruno, Copenhagen 

2005 - AyurVedic Marma Massage Level I with Shirodhara
100 hrs Patanjali Yoga Institute, India 

2004 - Certified Massage Therapist - Classical Swedish Massage 450 hrs, Hälsoteket, Sweden 


2022 - Eat & live Paleo,
3 months online course, Paleo Institute, Sweden

- Plant-based Chef de Commis 
6 months full time, Rouxbe/Vegchef , Sweden

2017 - Herbal medicine for stress, burnout & depression
30 hrs, Nordiskt Näringscenter / Lisa Kock

2015 - Gardening, Herbs & Handicraft
1 year full time, Vårdinge By Folkhögskola, Sweden 

2009 - Wild herbs & Natural oils
30 hrs, Lena Losciale, Sweden 

2003 - Apprentice Chef - AyurVedic kitchen,
100 hrs, Rörvig Höjskole


2018 - DANCEmandala Facilitator training Level 1,
200 hrs, Areeradh K Tri-Siddha, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

2016 - Body-Spirit-Move - Improvised dance,
40 hrs, Ann-Charlotte Fogel, Sweden 

2006 - Contemporary Dance & Performance
6 months full time, Vrå Höjskole, Denmark 

1998 - Liberating Dance, 40 hrs, Chandana Andersson, Sweden

2008 - Taoist Female Healing Love techniques
50 hrs, Jutta Kellenberger/Tao Gardens, Thailand 

2008 - Taoist Healing Love techniques,
40 hrs, Shashi Solluna/Andrew Fretwell, Thailand

2016 - Walk on the Wild Side Celtic Shamanic work,
30 hrs, Tim Jago, Copenhagen 

2007 - The way of the Shaman
30 hrs, Anette Höst, Denmark 


2017 - Creative singing 30 hrs, Ida Lod

2016 - The Work by Byron Katie
20 hrs, Osby, Sweden

2013 - Visionary Leaders Journey
40 hrs Rolf Elmström/Lawrence Flynn 

2010 - Leadership Intensive + Non-violent communication
50 hrs Ängsbacka, Sweden 

2008 - Spiritual Coach & Breathwork Practitioner
50 hrs, SUNDOOR/Peggy Dylan, Scotland

1998 - Creative Writing
1 year full time Fridhem Folkhögskola, Sweden 


2005 - Litterature & Existential questions
10 p, Växjö Universitet 

2005 - Creative Writing
20 p, Växjö Universitet 

2005 - History of religion
20 p, Lunds Universitet

2003 - Existential questions
10 p, Malmö Högskola 

2003 - Introduction to Psychology,
10 p, Malmö Högskola